Find Wifi and Bluetooth plant watering sensor systems. Set automatic timers and remotely monitor health using your Android or iOS phone

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Several intelligent irrigation systems have been installed in recent years, to allow controlling, conserving and optimizing the irrigation of gardens and plant environments. The remote management of irrigation allows to control losses in the system, remotely manage the drive, program the opening and closing of the solenoid valves, issue alarms and monitor consumption. The benefits derived from these actions have been the substantial saving of water, the energetic saving and the diminution of the costs of the maintenance of the installation.

  • Fully automatic irrigation, multi-cycle configuration, intelligent synchronization, large-screen LCD display, large button update, high source definition. Fully automatic intelligent irrigation equipment that can irrigate your flowers.
  • It is completely waterproof and can be installed vertically on the outside to prevent rain.
  • The use of automatic irrigation system can not only reduce labor costs, but also effectively use water resources, improve irrigation efficiency, and note that no one can automatically water flowers and plants at home to improve the survival of speed plants.
  • LED light status screen, intuitive control, double sealing ring, better waterproof performance, outdoor rainy season can still work normally.
  • The required time can be designed with +/- symbols, and the time range can only be measured in minutes, such as 1-300 minutes.

Soil moisture sensor controllers are one of several soil moisture measurement technologies

When the device is used in the ground and under the roots of grasses, trees or shrubs,

The sensors determine the exact amount of soil moisture

And send the information obtained to the controllers.

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